Choosing The Right Dog Collars And Leashes

Getting the right collar for your dog is more like hunting for your perfect pair of shoes- they should look good, be functional, trendy, reliable and yet, incredibly comfortable. Now, I know what you might be thinking right now – you can always have more than one pair of shoes, just like your dog can have more than one dog collar and leash. But then again, both you and your dog will need a favored pair that you’ll wear for your daily errands.

Types of Dog Collars and Leashes

While deciding on the many choices collars and leashes, keep in mind that you’ll want to pick something that’ll make your dog feel comfortable – something that is pretty lightweight and still durable and long-lasting. When you do venture into the market for a long-drawn search – you’ll find several hundreds of collars, each of which fits most of your requirements. How to choose the right dog collars and leashes? Well, in case you’re absolutely clueless, here are the main types readily available to you on the market.


The standard dog collars and leashes are by far the most popular kind of collars. You can put them on and take them off in a couple of seconds, no matter how fussy your dog is. And guess what the best part is? Well, Most of these collars are also incredibly fashionable. While you’ll usually find them in nylon and leather variants, some of them are also available with metal and plastic buckles.


Although most people recommend this collar for training their dogs, I wouldn’t recommend them for the risks they come with. Yes! While you can always use it for light training, these chain collars can be extremely dangerous when left unattended on your little pooches. They pose a major strangulation risk to your dogs when they are left alone. This risk increases during the colder months when they can’t really be moved easily. Choke chains are only effective when used properly. So if you do intend to train your dogs with these chains, make sure you have the necessary time and expertise in looking after them. Using these chains the wrong way can lead to neck and tracheal damage.


These are the classic, durable variant of collar that comes with a perfect combination of style and practicality. While these collars are usually a tad more expensive than the regular ones, a quality leather collar can last for several years down the line. While choosing, always make sure you buy genuine leather collars and leashes instead of the bonded ones. The bonded ones might look as good as the genuine collars, but they won’t last long enough.


These are the most widely used collars and are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, widths, and qualities. They are ideal for your dogs to wear in and around the house, for their walks and for attaching custom tags. If your pooch is really fashion forward and swears (growls) by the latest trends – this is one collar that’ll definitely make the cut.


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Garry B.

Thanks for the info. I think leather is the way to go.

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