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The Best Dog Activity Tracker And Why You Need To Buy One

If you are a dog lover, then you know how important it is to keep your pet safe and their tail wagging. You don’t need me to tell you of the joys of a happy dog at home. Keeping them safe at home is a major responsibility. Every dog owner’s nightmare is losing their pet, especially if you live in a city full of cars and other dangers.

So, I cannot stop singing enough praises for the Whistle 3 GPS Activity Tracker.

Why Did I Buy The Best Dog Activity Tracker?

I don’t look back fondly at when I lost my undeniably cute boxer, Kahn. Accidentally leaving the doggie gate open once, just once, and there he went, he decided it was time for him to explore – alone.

The experience was unbearable for a few hours. I shuddered at the idea of having to print off those dreaded “missing dog” flyers. God forbid, it still brings me anxiety.

Guilt-ridden, I kept thinking of Kahn starring at me with his big brown eyes, panting with half his tongue dangling out of his mouth, giving me that “oops sorry I pooped on the sidewalk, am I in trouble” look.

I eventually found him, but the guilt would have killed me if something would have happened to him. Ever since that day, I have had a fear of losing him. So, hooray, for modern technology. Along with sending a man into space, humankind has discovered a way to find your missing pets in seconds instead of days.

If you love your pet and tech gadgets like me, you will love the Whistle 3 GPS Activity Tracker. It is a simple and perfect way to squash those fears and stop those flyers from popping up everywhere. I simply hooked one onto Kahn’s favorite dog collar, gave him a pat on the head and a treat in his mouth, downloaded the app, and little does he know, daddy is now tracking his every move.

There are so many serious reasons to buy the best dog activity tracker on the market other than just tracking a runaway dog.

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Reminders & Alerts

Since I bought one, I have been walking Kahn so much more. The app notifies me if I have neglected him and he needs a walk or to have some play time. So, if you love to stay active with your dog but need some motivation, the Whistle 3 might be the ideal way to achieve your goals.

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Activity Tracking

Even better, if you get a friend or hire a professional to walk your dog, then you can simply look on your smartphone app and see how much exercise he got and even track the path they took that day. At work or on vacation, you’ll never be left wondering. Just click the app and find out! So the next time you dress your faithful companion in his favorite outfit and grab his favorite leash to go jogging, you’ll know just how long he needs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Safe Zones

I love that the Whistle 3 app allows you to create safe zones. If Kahn ever again crosses the border of a safe zone I created, I will get instant alerts via email or text straight to my smartphone.

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I love its design too, and as I mentioned you can securely attach it to any of your dog’s favorite collars.

Giving one-click, real-time updates, and information using precise GPS location, it’s a great way to feel secure about your dog’s well-being back to menu ↑

Where To Buy The Best Dog Activity Tracker?

Whistle 3 GPS Activity Tracker


9.1 Total Score
Activity Tracking Made Easy!

The Whistle 3 GPS Activity Tracker is one of the best devices on the market for locating and monitoring your canine. Easy setup and a click or two, presto - you know where your dog is and his activity levels.

Ease of Use
  • Nation-wide GPS, cellular, and WiFi-based location tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • Battery life (up to 7 days before charging)
  • Waterproof (can be worn while swimming)
  • Proactive alerts smartphone app
  • Set safe places and custom activity goals (with app)
  • Great customer service & support
  • Subscription required (as low as $6.95/month)
  • Only works in the United States
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