Why Dog Activity Monitors Are The Best Gift For Your Dog

With technology, it has become incredibly easy to track and monitor the best man’s friend. And why not have such great inventions for our dogs if we too are using trackers and monitors?

Don t we love to cuddle that puppy, take it for walks, and play with it, and all this to make our dog feel happy. Well, there is even a great way to know if that helps or if your dog is getting enough of it.

Pet owners can now better gauge their dog’s activity levels with a variety of hi-tech dog activity monitors that track and record periods when a dog is at rest or active.

Dog activity monitors are small colorful devices that monitor activity levels, calories burned, distance traveled, quality of sleep, behavior and overall health 24/7.

Why use Dog Activity Monitors?

You can’t imagine a world where we have healthier people and leave our pets we love on a path to the medical crisis with unrestricted access to unhealthy food and minimal exercise; can you?

Dog Activity Monitors Benefits

Some dog activity monitors can be used for veterinary care as they record heart rate, breathing, calories burned, and body temperature. This means if your dog is anxious, snoozing, calm or engaging in destructive behavior, it will be easy to know. Therefore, they can be used to assess pregnancy, pain, seizure, obesity, skin itches and overall health, and thus be used to set activity goals.

Furthermore, they monitor physical movement of the dog minute by minute and record the type of activity it had including sleep, running, walking, and playing 24/7. So, if your dog isn’t getting enough of daily physical activity; you will be able to know and set daily activity goals for it. And this is made possible by the utilization of 3D accelerometer, which facilitates precise activity monitoring.

Moreover, it can be linked to a smartphone app and be used to set up reminders for fluid intake, medication, meal times, and automatic notifications.

Likewise, some have GPS location tracking that can be used to measure the distance covered by your dog and record its location or even send you an alert if your dog wanders to restricted territories. As a consequence, you will not lose track of it and this will come in handy when your dog.

In addition, these customizable dog activity monitors are rugged, light, waterproof, and durable as they are made of high-impact polycarbonate. Also, they have long battery life, which ensures that you won’t have to worry about monitoring your dog. These features will help you to keep on monitoring your dog’s activity for long periods without the need to charge or replace it.

You probably own that sleek lightweight plastic wristband activity monitor to track and monitor your health and physical activity, and that makes you feel great. But did you know that you can also get one for your pet? Monitor your dog’s activity and health by getting one of these cute customizable dog activity monitors that are budget-friendly and positively transform the lives of your pet.

If you’re interested in buying a monitor/tracker, make sure you read our review of the Whistle 3 GPS Activity Tracker.

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