Why You Need To Buy Designer Leather Dog Leashes

If you’re a pet owner, you definitely know the importance of getting a high-quality dog leash for your pet.

Something that would keep him comfortable during long walks and hold his collar.

Not just that, it’s also an effective way of controlling your dog during training.

Of all the leashes available in the market, most pet owners would agree that designer leather dog leashes are the best choices.

Aside from being fashionable, they’re also heavy-duty, available in different sizes, and some come with a lifetime guarantee.

What Can You Expect From Designer Leather Dog Leashes?

For starters, leather dog leashes are usually made from cowhide and come rolled or flat. They are known to be very durable as long as you know how to maintain them.

That means treating it with leather conditioner regularly. Additionally, leather has a natural give and is considered to be the most comfortable because it would eventually soften to the touch after a while.

Although not resistant to chewing, the good thing about designer leather dog leashes is that they do hold up well.

Those who have had issues with nylon in the past should definitely consider investing in leather as this could be the right material for you.

Remarkable Qualities

  • Durability
Just like what has been mentioned earlier, leather leashes are best known for their durability as long as it’s maintained and stays dry. Just make sure you keep it away from your dogs as this can also be an attractive chew toy for them.
  • Cost
Although it’s definitely more expensive than nylon, rest assured that it’s a good investment because of its longevity.
  • Lasting Comfort
Leather leashes are comfortable to hold and would even soften over time, making it perfect, especially for long walks or during training. The fact that leather breathes, is a clear indication that it’s safe, natural, and organic. The oils in your dog’s skin, as well as yours, would coat the leather and soften it up.
  • Upkeep and Keep Up
To maintain your leather leash, clean it with soap and water regularly, following up with a leather conditioner. This would keep the leash supple and prolong its life.
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Other Benefits

  • Stronger than nylon.
  • The leather is more pliable, making it comfortable to hold while nylon has a rough texture.
  • Less slippery, proving better grip.
  • Works well with leather collar and harnesses.
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Choosing the Right Width

It’s also important to consider the width when buying a dog leash. If your dog is a chewer or a strong puller, then we highly recommend that you go for a thicker leash as this would provide strength and prevent it from snapping even under tension. On the other hand, for smaller dogs, and puppies, a thinner leash is more ideal. They are lighter and less restrictive. Just upgrade to a thicker leash when your puppy grows older, depending on her breed.

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Tips and Tricks

  • It’s always a good idea to have a spare leash ready – you’ll never know when your leash will get damaged or lost.
  • Always have a leather oil or conditioner ready for leash maintenance. You have to protect your investment.

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